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The quality of building systems being installed in the Blanchard Block is usually reserved for class A commercial properties in major metropolitan cities. As residents of central Vermont and new owners of this historically significant property we want to make Blanchard Block the trophy office building of Central Vermont and a building any company in the State of Vermont would be proud to call home.

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The Blanchard Block was built with quality in mind with a passion for historical preservation.

The quality of the building specs is important so you spend more time feeling inspired by the classic Barre Vermont design and less time worrying about repairs.



A story deserving to be told

1889 - 1904

The Blanchard Block was built in 1904 by Adelbert C. Blanchard where the Park House originally stood. On February 27, 1904 the Park House met its end when it was destroyed by a fire that was discovered by two young boys, Henry and Leonard Tierney who lived at the Park House. A.C. Blanchard was born in Barre and became a well-known Montpelier business man. The Park House had previously been owned by A. C. Blanchard’s father, Kimball Blanchard. Kimball sold the Park House to A. C. Blanchard and Warner Colby in 1889 who owned the building until July 1890 at which time A.C. Blanchard became sole owner.

On March 22, 1904 Blanchard submitted plans to the city to build a brick building on the site of the Parker house. The blue prints were completed by F.A. Walker to build a 4 story, 115’ long by 72’ wide, brick and granite building.

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1904 - 1964

The Blanchard Block’s first tenant, like its predecessor, was Burton W. Hooker’s Furniture. Interestingly the furniture store moved in before the building was even complete, opening for business on Monday, December 5, 1904. When the upper floors were completed the Blanchard Block became home to several fraternal organizations, including the Vincitia Club, the Knights of Pythias, and the Ladies of the Maccabees as well as the Free Masons. In 1937, a new J.C. Penney's store opened on the first floor. At its opening, this location was J.C. Penny’s largest store in New England. J.C. Penny’s used the basement for at least one Christmas season for a children’s toy center. Completion of the Blanchard Block was announced on February 17, 1905.

Not much changed through the 40’s and 50’s at the Blanchard Block until its most well-known (to this generation) owner bought the building in 1964.

1964 - 2012

Lash Furniture bought the Blanchard Block and occupied the building for the next 40 years becoming a cornerstone of downtown Barre. In 2004 Lash Furniture closed its doors and sold to a private owner. The Blanchard Block played host to a restaurant for a short time until a fire forced them to close in 2007.

Since then 14-24 North Main Street has sat empty, waiting to play host to local businesses.

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2012 - Present

Granite City Developers purchased the building in September, 2012 and has completed a full restoration, renovating it to its original character. The building has the latest technology and convenience with the romantic and classic elements of the Blanchard Blocks past. The original tin ceilings have been repaired as well as the plaster and original hard wood floors. Each floor has its own character, each being distractively different.



We specialize in productivity and inspiration


A throwback to the original building design. Preserving the look and feel of the 1904 construction. Refurbished original wood floors.


Upgraded technology can be found throughout the building. Fast & modern internet, energy efficient windows, and tenant controlled HVAC system.


One of the best views in downtown Barre. Overlooking the downtown Barre City Park and the Stevens Branch River.


Enjoy the ammenties of working in the same building as Barre's top retail. Building designated parking spots removes the stress of searching and paying for parking.

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